EIB Co-Tutors

Kevin Cheung, Transport Engineer, JASPERS, EIB.
Pasquale Staffini, Head of Roads Division, JASPERS, EIB.

Main Academic Tutor (UPM)

Prof. Jose Manuel Vassallo, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Young researcher (UPM)

Paola Carolina Bueno, Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
  • Kevin Cheung is the EIB coordinator for the research project. Currently a Transport Sector Specialist in JASPERS roads division he is based in Bucharest, Romania. He holds a MEng in civil engineering from University College London, an MSc in transport and an MBA – both from Imperial College London. His research interests include low carbon and sustainable development in civil engineering and infrastructure.

  • Pasquale Staffini Pasquale Staffini, head of Roads Division in JASPERS, responsible for the sector activities in 13 European countries as well as four IPA countries. He acts as a reviewer of the project.


pic VassalloJosé Manuel Vassallo is Associate Professor at the Transportation Department at the Civil Engineering School (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), and a member of the academic staff of the Transportation Research Centre (TRANSyT) at the UPM where he leads the transport management and financing research area.

Presently, José Manuel Vassallo lectures “Transport Economics and Planning” and “Infrastructure Management and Financing” in Madrid. During recent years he has specialised on transportation management and financing, infrastructure regulation, socioeconomic evaluation of projects, and public-private partnerships. In his academic career, he has published 6 books and more than 25 papers in prestigious journals.


José Manuel Vassallo has also received several awards for his research and publications. He has also worked for several institutions such as the World Bank, the Government of Chile, the Andean Corporation of Development, and the European Conference of Ministers of Transportation.


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pic BuenoPaola Carolina Bueno is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid where she obtained a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering in the Transportation area, awarded with two honour distinctions for achieving the maximum grades allowed in “Infrastructure financing” and “Transports economics and management”.


After her BSc. degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), she began to work as a mobility analyst where she designed and developed the first mobility observatory of Bogotá and the Region. During last years, she was working on the development of local transport plans and transport policy designs.


Recently she was appointed research fellow at the Transport Research Centre (TRANSyT) to work with Professor Jose Manuel Vassallo. Presently, her research activity is centred on infrastructure management and financing.